Here’s a collection of monogram ideas that’ll inspire your next set of Cricut projects! Take a look at all the things that you can monogram and either sell or give to friends and family as gifts.

Cricut Monogram Ideas

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1. Monogrammed Hat

This hat cost $5 to make! You can make this with your Cricut machine

This monogrammed hat is absolutely stunning! The contrasting colors really make this hat pop and it only cost $5 to make! | Tutorial via Pitter and Glink

2. Monogrammed Umbrella

Monogrammed Umbrella- Great idea for my next Cricut project!

A simple monogrammed umbrella definitely makes a huge statement! This is a great idea! | via Tiny Tulip

3. Monogrammed Bibs

Monogrammed Bib- Perfect gift to make for friends and family who has little ones.

For friends and family with little ones, a monogrammed bib would make a lovely gift. | via Etsy

4. Monogrammed Shorts

These are perfect to make for the local school's sport teams

Monogram a set of running short’s for your school’s sport team! They would love these! | via The Embroidery Palace

5. Monogrammed Cooler

This monogrammed set of water coolers are just too awesome! WANT!

A set of monogrammed coolers are the perfect accessory to take along when traveling or having an outside party. | via Pinterest

6. Monogrammed Rain Boots

LOVE THESE monogrammed boots. Can't wait to try this with my cricut

These rain boots are just way too adorable! | via Pinterest

7. Monogram Car Sticker

Love this monogram deer head car sticker. I want one of these!

A monogrammed car sticker will add flair to your car’s window. All eyes will definitely be on this amazing sticker! | via Pinterest

8. Monogrammed Shoes

LOVE THESE monogrammed shoes. Can't wait to try this now that I have my cricut

Can you believe she applied this monogrammed vinyl with a flat iron! Awesome idea!| via Pinterest

9. Monogrammed Glass Dish

This monogrammed dish is perfect for dinner parties and other gatherings!

This monogrammed dish is the perfect item to display food and other items at your dinner party!| via The Preppy Polka Dot

10. Monogrammed T-Shirts

Love this monogram on the sleeve of this t-shirt!

The monogram on the sleeve of this tee-shirt is absolutely perfect! | via DDP Monograms and Gifts

11. Monogrammed Oven Mitts

Great idea! Would give these out as housewarming gift

These monogrammed oven mitts are absolutely stunning! These would make a great gift for college students away from home and as a housewarming gift. | via Pinterest

12. Monogrammed Pool Float

Monogram pool floatie...LOVE THIS!

This monogram pool floatie is definitely gorgeous and would make a cute accessory to bring along to a pool party. | via Pinterest

13. Monogrammed Sun Visor

Love these sun visors! Can't wait to monogram mine with my cricut

Monogrammed sun visors are both stylish and practical. The monogram detail is what makes these an awesome accessory to wear during events held outdoors. | via Pinterest

Which idea would you like to try? Leave a comment below!