As a beginner, choosing the right Cricut machine is important.

The latest machine with all the bells and whistles could be very appealing but it may not be the one that you actually need.

Check out this post to learn how to choose the best Cricut maker for your craft projects.

Which Cricut Machine Should I Buy?

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There are several different versions of the Cricut machine and as a beginner, you can become overwhelmed with choosing which one is right for you.

Here’s a few questions you should answer that’ll help you narrow down your choices and select the perfect Cricut machine to fit your crafting needs:

1. What will I use it for?

Are you planning on using your Cricut machine as a hobby or would you like to use it for commercial or business purposes?

Before you splurge on the “latest and greatest” Cricut maker, you should definitely take a moment and consider how frequently you will actually use the machine.

Other things to consider is that it may take a while to get used to the equipment or you may find that you don’t like it at all!

With this is mind, it may be in your best interest to begin with a used or basic model such as the Cricut Explore One and upgrade as you see fit.

2. Does it fit within my budget?

What can you comfortably afford without sacrificing your budget?

The features of the most expensive Cricut machine may be appealing and you may think you’ll need or use all of them, but the reality is that you probably won’t.

If it doesn’t fit within your budget, then the extra features do not make sense no matter how you try to rationalize it.

3. What materials will I use?

Are you planning to use wood or fabric for some of your craft projects or are you just sticking with paper?

Knowing this early on before your investment into a Cricut machine will save you money, time and effort over the long run.

Try your best not to get ahead of yourself when thinking about all the crafts that you can make. Set realistic goals and take time to research the cost of materials.

Final Notes

The BEST Cricut machine for beginners!It’s perfectly fine if you’re still unsure of which Cricut machine you should invest your hard earned money in. However, it would be wise to answer the above three questions ahead of time to avoid painful buyer’s remorse. Nevertheless, as a beginner Crafter, the best decision would be to start small and within your budget.  The Cricut Explore One is a great option as it’s affordable and will allow you to master the Cricut machine’s software and it’s basic funtions with ease.